After Bed h

After Bed
2023, 3 minutes

single-channel digital video with sound
film emulsion, nail polish, tape, 16mm film leader

Pulsing flashbacks from the summer of love reawaken a queer California classic.

San Diego Asian Film Festival, 2023;
Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Fest, London, 2023;
Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2023;
Treize Galerie, Paris, 2023;
Marseille Underground Film and Music Festival, 2023;
Adobe Books, San Francisco, 2023;
Outfest OUTFEST Fusion QTBIPOC Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2023;
Other Cinema, San Francisco, (work-in-progress screening), 2022;

Bernice Bing: Open Call, Asian Art Museum, 2023

Natasha Boas, “10 Art Shows to See in the Bay Area This Summer,” Hyperallergic (June 26, 2023);

Brian Darr, “Top Shorts,” World Poll of 2022, Senses of Cinema (2023);