Looking for Jiro
2011, 5:45 minutes

single-channel digital video with sound

Looking for Jiro is a queer meditation on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. Jiro Onuma worked in the prison mess hall and liked muscular men. How did this dandy gay bachelor survive imprisonment? This queer musical mash-up video features drag king performance, U.S. propaganda footage, muscle building, and homoerotic bread making.

Best Experimental Film, Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 2012;

Garage MU, Paris, 2023;

Treize Galerie, Paris, 2023;
Paris College of Art, 2023;
Marseille Underground Film & Music Festival, 2023;
Documenta 15, Kassel, Germany, 2022;
Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, 2018;
Japanese Avant-Garde and Experimental Film Festival, London, 2018;
Alphawood Gallery, Chicago, 2017;
Silicon Valley Asian Pacific Film Festival, San Jose, 2017;
Who’s Your Dandy?, Edinburgh, 2017;
Festival of (In)Appropriation #6, Los Angeles, 2014;
Queer Week Film Festival, Paris, 2013;
MIX Mexico, 17th Sexual Diversity Film/Video Festival, Mexico City, 2013;
SPIRIT: Queer Asian American Activism, San Francisco, 2013;
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